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See how we plan to change lives…


Women Empowerment

Learn more about how SEHP is working to put more women in the economic driving seat of rural families by making them self-sufficient to break the poverty cycle and accelerate development.



Access to quality healthcare and maternal mortality are two key indices of a nation’s development. For Ghana, the figures are improving, but about 358 out of every 100,000 mothers are still dying in childbirth every year. Discover how SEHP is deploying simple but effective solutions to improve access to quality healthcare for everyone and make childbirth a much safer experience across the country.


Quality Education

According to a 2015 survey, less than half of Ghanaian children in Primary 2 (seven-year-olds) can read. Explore the ways in which SEHP is working tirelessly with the Get Ghana Reading campaign to improve literacy and critical thinking.