Safe Delivery

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Project Description

The highest rates of maternal and child mortality in Ghana occur due to a number factors that include:

  • Limited access to skilled health workers
  • Severe bleeding after childbirth
  • Infections

As part of efforts to drastically reduce this phenomenon, SEHP is driving the ‘Safe Delivery’ initiative to distribute Birth Kits to under-privileged expectant mothers across the country. These kits, customized with the assistance of reputable gynecologists and obstetricians across Ghana, contain the supplies necessary for safe and infection-free delivery of newborns which will go a long way to prevent neo-natal infections.

SEHP, as part of this initiative, also procures the services of medical professionals to train nurses, midwives and birth attendants on safe delivery practices and the proper use of the Birth Kits.

This is critical to achieving the goal of reducing and possibly eradicating maternal and child mortality as many women in rural areas trust and are heavily reliant on traditional birth attendants and do not visit hospitals and clinics partly due to distance, poverty, inadequate services and cultural practices.