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Project Description

We believe in the leverage that education gives each generation in their bid to thrive in today’s world. It is an essential requirement for success. This is why we are committed to making education easily accessible to children across all ages, especially in rural areas. Key on our agenda is improving literacy levels of primary and JHS students.

According to a national early grade reading assessment for primary 2 students across 738 public schools in Ghana, run by the GES, RTI, and USAID in 2015, there is a large gap in the children’s ability to read with comprehension showing a pressing need for extra support in the area of literacy.

“Each pupil was shown a grade-appropriate short story and given one minute to read. Overall, pupils’ performance was low for this task. Just over half (51.1%) of the pupils scored zero in English. Thus, more than half of the pupils assessed could not read aloud a single word in a passage in English.”

This is rather alarming, as literacy and comprehension directly determine a child’s ability to learn any subject.

SEHP, therefore, seeks to equip children and teachers with tools and opportunities to improve the situation via our two-part ‘Get Ghana Reading’ campaign: