Women Empowerment

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Project Description

We know the problem: women and girls often suffer first – and suffer the most – when families fall on hard times, and when economies start to crumble. Girls are more likely to be withdrawn from school to support the family by engaging in economic activity, yet, when it comes to raising money for small scale business, women are considered last for credit through micro-finance institutions.

In rural areas, women usually are the financial backbone of families, engaging in petty-trading, farming and food vending. However, they have very little control over family finances and are heavily dependent on the benevolence of their partners.

Quite a number of studies suggest that putting earnings in the control of women doesn’t only speed up development, but increases chances of overcoming poverty, as they usually reinvest a much higher portion of income in their families and communities, spreading wealth beyond themselves. In recognition of this, SEHP seeks to economically empower women by facilitating their self-sufficiency and breaking the cycle of poverty.